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Pest Control Sanitizing & Disinfecting Service

Sanitizing & Disinfecting Service

Ideal Pest Control specializes in sanitizing and disinfecting services which is designed to protect office/ facility/ organization.  In taking our own precautionary measures, we are actually utilizing this service in the office and warehouse multiple times a week. The product we are using will decontaminate areas and surfaces by killing any existing germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and small insects. The product will not act as a preventive for those areas or surfaces that are subject to any new exposures; therefore, recurring treatments can be required for ongoing sufficient protection. The application is in the form of a wet chemical that is either, sprayed, fogged, or directly applied by hand or mechanical device to any surface. It must remain in contact for 10 minutes and can then be wiped or allowed to air dry. It has been effectively used in the following environments: hospitals/ health care/ nursing/ food service/ food processing/ schools/ daycare/ vets/ hotels/ public areas/ offices/ etc.

Please contact our office for more information about our sanitizing services and pricing.

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