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Testing Your Home Security System

Testing Your Home Security System


Test your home security system on a monthly basis with these exercises.

Have you ever been at work or school when an alarm suddenly starts shrieking and everyone begins lining up and heading for an exit door or designated shelter area? In reality, there is no emergency – it’s just a tornado or fire drill. These sorts of exercises may seem like an annoyance, but they are a crucial part of keeping a building and the people inside it safe.

Alarm systems must be tested regularly to ensure proper functionality, and people must know where to go and what to do in the event of an emergency. The same is true with home security systems. You don’t have to put your family through the reenactment of a break-in, but there are certainly ways to make sure your home security system will perform when needed.

Home Security System Testing Process

There are two phases involved in testing your home security system. The first includes testing the functionality of all door and window sensors as well as motion detectors within your home. Begin by making sure your home security system is disarmed and in “ready” mode. This allows you to perform the test without alerting emergency responders. Open each secured door and window one at a time, checking to make sure your keypad displays the correct doors and windows as being open. Then, close each door and window. Your keypad should go back to “ready” mode. This exercise verifies that your home monitoring system has strong signals within your residence.

The second phase involves testing the signal between your residence and the monitoring station. First, call your monitoring station and ask that your home security system be placed in “test” mode. Again, we don’t want emergency responders to be dispatched unnecessarily. Make sure your system is armed, then open a door or window. Let your alarm sound for about a minute. Disarm your system and return it to “ready” mode, then check to make sure the signal was received by the monitoring station. Once this is verified, you can call the monitoring station and have your home security system taken out of “test” mode.

Regular testing of your home security system is highly recommended, but how often you do it is really up to you. You may live in a relatively low-risk neighborhood where the only would-be intruder setting off your alarm is the family dog. Or perhaps you live in an area where break-ins are more prevalent. In any case, monthly testing is the industry standard for home security testing.

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