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Irrigation Installation and Repairs

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For any lawn to survive a hot, dry North Texas summer, it needs water. The trick is to water the right amount at the right time to encouragestrong roots and healthy grass – all while keeping the current drought conditions in mind.

Much of Texas has been in a prolonged drought, putting a strain on water supply for all uses. Parts of North Texas are classified in the worst drought category – “Exceptional”. As climate change and manmade pressures limit the availability of water around the globe, it is likely water will continue to be a dwindling resource and water restrictions will be the norm.

Yard watering is among the worst offenders of water conservation, particularly with lawns growing St. Augustine grass, the most commonly grown grass in North Texas residential lawns.

Irrigation Installation and Repairs: What to Expect

Ideal Partners will send an expert irrigation installation specialist to your home to survey your property and design a custom irrigation system to fit your exact needs. We will consider the topography of your lawn, grass, plants and trees to determine the type of irrigation system, the number and location of zones and sprinkler heads, as well as the type of heads and amount of water needed in each zone.

One of our experienced crews will install the underground system, control panel and rain sensor in one day. We will then program your system to the exact requirements for your lawn and season. We will show you how to modify the settings and recommend the necessary adjustments as the seasons change. We can also repair your existing irrigation system and ensure it is operating efficiently to save you the most money possible.

Our licensed irrigation specialists are knowledgeable in the latest technology and can provide you with options that will save water and up to 40 percent off on your water bill. From in-ground soil moisture sensory sprinklers, to retrofitting your existing system, Ideal Partners has the solution.

Irrigation License: LI0021812

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