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Residential Pest Control

Most homes have some type of pest. Cockroaches, ants, silverfish, spiders and rats are the most prevalent in this area. If you find one cockroach, you can be certain numerous others exist elsewhere in your home. They often leave tiny, black droppings in pantries, under sinks and around toilets. Mice and rats are social animals and rarely travel alone. As with cockroaches, if you see one rodent, it’s highly probably there are more. Look for oblong, black droppings in your pantry, trash cans and attic. Holes around baseboards, drain pipes and attic insulation are another sign of a pest control problem.

Locally owned and operated, Ideal Pest Control is committed to finding the ideal solution for your pest control needs while providing premier customer service and expertise. Our licensed technicians will determine which pests are present in and around your home, provide pest control treatment to eradicate any current pest problems and offer services to protect your home from potential pest problems.

All of Pest Control Service Plans Include: 

  • Comprehensive inspection of the interior and exterior of the property
  • A written evaluation of what pests were detected and treatment recommendations
  • Advanced options including EcoEXEMPT products, baits, and dusting
  • Routine maintenance plans to fit your needs
  • Green Pest Control options
  • Convenient scheduling opportunities
  • Complete satisfaction warranty

Our customers have peace of mind knowing their home and their families are safe from pests. Learn more about our Residential Pest Control Programs.

We have had nothing but fantastic experiences and results!

"We have used Ideal Pest Control for nearly two years now and have had nothing but fantastic experiences and results! They have been to our house several times for our quarterly service and summer mosquito treatments. Not only do the treatments really work, but it is always a pleasure to see their friendly familiar faces! The Ideal staff works hard to make scheduling and payment really easy, and the technicians are always prompt and reliable. I would highly recommend Ideal to help you and your family with all of your pest control needs!"

Kate, an Ideal Pest Control customer

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