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Commercial Fire Protection: Fire Extinguishers

Ideal Partners has a staff compiled of fully licensed and professional technicians trained to manage all of your fire extinguisher and suppression needs. Though often overlooked, portable fire extinguishers serve as your first line of defense against fire. And while there are many different classes of fire, most situations call for three of your most common extinguishers. Below we’ll highlight those, and discuss the intended use of each.

ABC Fire Extinguisher

The ABC fire extinguisher is one of the most common, versatile extinguishers. Each letter represents a different class of fire. A for trash, wood, and paper; B for liquids and gases; and C for energized electrical equipment. As suggested by the name, the ABC extinguisher is able to provide protection against all three classes, making it a great choice for commercial use. If you’re looking for one fire extinguisher to protect your business or commercial residence, there’s no better place to start than with the ABC.

Class K Fire Extinguisher

You can think of class K as anything kitchen related. Specifically, though, class K covers fires in cooking oils and greases. As such, the class K fire extinguisher provides protection against kitchen fires involving combustible media. If you have a kitchen at your business, or your business is in the restaurant industry, the class K extinguisher is a must-have.

Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

While this solution is still classified as a fire extinguisher, it’s more so a fire suppression system. So what’s the difference? Well, it’s a waterless solution. Instead of using the most common agent, dry powder, it utilizes a clean agent such as CO2 or Halon/Halotron, which is designed to extinguish fires without causing damage to sensitive corporate equipment.

Specialized Fire Extinguishers

In some rare cases, the above fire extinguishers aren’t well suited for the job, and a more specialized one may be required. We’ll detail these extinguishers below.

Class D Fire Extinguisher: Class D fires are anything involving combustible metal hazards. And while these fires are less common than the aforementioned classes, they can be very dangerous if not dealt with the proper way. The solution? The Class D fire extinguisher.

Purple K Fire Extinguisher: The Purple K, not to be confused with class K, is a fire extinguisher that provides superior protection against flammable liquid fires. As such, it makes for a great extinguisher for oil companies or car dealerships.

When it comes to your business, you can never be too safe. Get the appropriate fire extinguisher for your corporate needs today.

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