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It can’t be overstated – home fire protection is of the utmost importance to any homeowner. Without it, you leave yourself exposed to the many hazards of fire damage. To protect against this, the expert staff at Ideal Partners offers state-of-the-art home fire protection services. 

Importance of Home Fire Protection

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, 85% of all US fire deaths occur in the home – a statistic which points to the importance of home fire protection. For years, fire sprinkler systems have been used to protect commercial properties, but many forget that this same protective technology can be used in the home – something that is quickly changing. Recent years have seen a boom in residential fire sprinkler systems, and cities are beginning to take extra measures to ensure better home fire protection.

Growth in Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

Residential fire sprinkler systems have begun to see a growth in popularity. But did you know that cities are beginning to implement guidelines requiring fire sprinkler systems inside new homes? Not only that, but many homeowners are taking it upon themselves to have these safety features installed, regardless of guidelines or regulations.

Additional Information on Home Fire Protection

Before installing a fire sprinkler system from Ideal Partners, you should check with your local authority housing jurisdiction (in most cases this is the city) to see if an automatic sprinkler system is required. Furthermore, it’s also a good idea to check with your insurance provider, as many have standards in place that will allow for discounts for homeowners with automatic fire sprinkler systems.

At Ideal Partners, we strongly encourage home fire protection. It’s simply not worth the risk to go without it. By installing a residential fire sprinkler system, you’ll significantly reduce the chance of your home encountering fire damage, which in turn, significantly reduces the likelihood of family members or loved ones being harmed. Don’t wait any longer. Contact the experts at Ideal Partners today and get your home fire protection up to speed.

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