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Mosquito Control

The warm weather almost year-round in North Texas invites mosquitoes to our backyard barbecues, pool days, and other outdoor activities. While not all people are sensitive to mosquitoes, most people are allergic to mosquito saliva. The most common reaction is red, itchy welts on the skin where bit. In addition to leaving us covered in welts, mosquitoes can carry several diseases, including West Nile Virus and Zika Virus. For this reason, mosquito control can be vital to the protection of your and your family’s health.

Mosquitoes depend on standing water to reproduce. Females lay their eggs in or near water. Pet water bowls, plant trays, wheelbarrows, tarps, and other containers can all hold water that could harbor new generations of mosquitoes. If you are ready to reclaim your backyard, Ideal Pest Control can provide effective, safe mosquito control treatments. Our solutions will allow you to protect and enjoy your backyard year-round.

Mosquito Pest Control Treatments

  • Monthly Mosquito Pest Control Program – Our pest control experts will fog your yard every month from April through October to protect against mosquitoes.
  • Mosquito Misting System– We install the state-of-the-art “MistAway” Mosquito Misting System with botanical insecticides to eliminate mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and other annoying insects automatically.
  • In2Care Mosquito Trap- In2Care is a mosquito trap equipped to attract and trap female mosquitoes. A floater, on the inside of the tap covered in sticky gauze, acts as a resting place. Once we add a tablet with an odor that attracts female mosquitoes, they fly in, land, and get stuck to the gauze strips.
  • Ovi-Catch Mosquito Trap- Ovi-Catch is a non-toxic and pesticide-free trap for mosquitoes. The bucket contains 5 gallons of water, a capture chamber, and a glue board. Once females enter, they are trapped with their eggs on the glue board.

Ideal Pest Control will send an expert technician to your home to evaluate your needs. Based on the size of your property and the areas you wish to protect; our mosquito control specialists will recommend a monthly service program or design an automated misting system treatment customized to your needs. Our solutions will ensure you and your family can have fun outdoors without worrying about mosquitoes. To schedule or learn more about our offerings, give us a call!

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