Clean Your AC

As we pull out of the cold weather funk and the warmth of spring is upon us, it’s time for spring cleaning. So, pull out your cleaning supplies and crank up the lawnmower. And don’t forget about your air conditioner. After a long, hard winter it needs some cleaning as well. Here are a few tips on how to get your AC ready for a long hot summer.

Change Your Filters

Thank goodness for air filters! They catch a lot of dust, hair, and debris that get sucked into your air. After a while, that debris can start to build up and cause numerous issues for both your unit as well as your health. The U.S. Department of Energy states that dirty filters can cause a lack of airflow and can affect how well your system works. In addition, that doesn’t stop all the dust and dirt from being stirred up and being put back in your air. Be sure to change your filter at least every 2 months. And if that’s not enough, ask your Ideal Partners rep about the Active Air Purifier system to avoid polluted air in your home. 

Clean Your House

While you have filters in your vents, there is only so much it can catch before it starts to build up. Dust and debris can build up around baseboards and in the vent. So, even though the filter is working on the air that’s brought in, you are still breathing it in when it gets pushed out. Be sure to dust and clean any baseboards, vents shelves, fans, etc. to prevent you from breathing any of that in. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, check out Ideal Partners Maintenance program.

Remove Any Dust and Debris from the External Unit

Your outside units brave the wrath of mother nature. Make sure to clear any leaves, droppings, twigs, etc. from the vents of your outside unit. Anything like this can get stuck and cause damage to your system.

Have Your AC Inspected and Repaired

Your AC unit has braved through the brunt of the winter and now it is time to crank up the air and get your unit running. Be sure to get your unit inspected and repair any damage that is found. Call Ideal Partners and one of our certified technicians will come out to inspect your unit and fix any issue that you may have. Read and learn more about our Maintenance program and see if that is the right fit for you.

So, remember to add your AC unit to your spring-cleaning list. Get your AC ready for the heat and call Ideal Partners for all your HVAC maintenance needs.