Letting Eagle Eye Keep an Eye on Your Business

When you’re away from your home or business, you’d ideally like for your place to be locked up tighter than Fort Knox and protected by state-of-the-art military drones, complete with a medieval moat full of alligators. While that may not be feasible, there are companies that employ cutting edge technology to operate some of the most effective security systems. Ideal Partners utilizes the powerful technologies from Eagle Eye Networks to provide the highest levels of security to what matters most.

Eagle Eye’s innovative video management system (VMS) offers endless possibilities and reliable consistency because of its open cloud software, ease of use and its numerous analytics tools. All video feed is available from a smartphone application or computer workspace, and tracks key analytics like intrusions, numbers of objects or people, line crossing and even loitering.

The strengths of Eagle Eye include a dynamic and robust API software that allows for quick and easy linking for all security devices including cameras, motion sensors, and other smart sensors and gadgets. The intuitive interface is what allows customers to utilize key features like license plate recognition, remote alarm management, point of sale monitoring and much more. The software even includes smart video search, allowing the user to search for any query, at which point the software will scan all video feeds for that object.

Without proper installation and monitoring, even the most advanced security systems will have vulnerabilities that leave you at risk. That’s where Ideal Security can help. Ideal Security can install any of these improvements in addition to the commercial security system that is already in place at a business, and establish 24/7 wireless alarm monitoring, keeping your security from being tethered to a LAN line that can easily be disrupted. Ideal Security can also install CCTV cameras in all the necessary locations for instantaneous live feed that can also be programmed to send direct notifications to a businessowner should specific events occur.

Ideal Security can set up all these features and manage them, including updating tiered access levels, and installing video cameras. Contact Ideal Security for more information about its partnership with Eagle Eye Networks and for a free estimate to upgrade your existing commercial security system.