Why You Should Get Your Fire Extinguishers Inspected

Fire extinguishers can be an easy thing to forget about. Until you need one. It’s vitally important that the fire extinguishers at your place of business operate safely and correctly. That’s why there are laws in place for how often businesses need to inspect fire safety equipment. Fire extinguishers with a metal cap can be recharged while those with plastic tops cannot be recharged and should be disposed of after use, even if they were discharged only once. And remember that Ideal Partners can inspect and service your fire extinguishers. Drop by our office or give us a call and we’ll make sure all your equipment is up to code. Below are some important dates to make sure your you’re in compliance with fire safety regulations.


According to OSHA 1910.157(e)(2), portable fire extinguishers are required to be visually inspected monthly, usually just by the employer. For these inspections, you should ensure that the extinguisher is where it is supposed to be, is unobstructed, has not been damaged, and is still within the required pressure range. Also check to make sure that it is not time for an annual inspection and be sure to log your monthly inspection on the tag attached to the extinguisher.


OSHA 1910.157(e)(3) also requires an annual inspection of all worksite fire equipment to be done by a professional fire protection servicing group. This is where Ideal Partners can help. Ideal Partners fire prevention division employs trained professionals with the necessary equipment and expertise to assess the safety of the extinguisher, including making sure it can still handle its pressurized contents.

Every 5 & 12 Years

Businesses often overlook is the 5-year (liquid chemical extinguisher) and 12- year (dry chemical extinguisher) inspections but they are just as important as the monthly and annual checkups. Both include a hydrostatic test to ensure that the extinguisher is structurally sound and a complete recharging of the unit. These inspections require specialized equipment, so be sure to have this done by a professional fire safety company.

At Home

While there aren’t any specific laws or mandates for checking home fire extinguishers, that doesn’t mean that they are any different than the ones you find at work. By following the same guidelines listed above, you can avoid running the risk of not having a functioning fire extinguisher when you need one most.

Don’t try to cut corners with the fire safety of your business. Follow the laws and guidelines and make sure your workspace is a safe space. And why would you treat your home any differently? Follow the guidelines above to also make sure that your home space is a safe space. Give Ideal Partners a call today for a free estimate or to learn which fire protection solutions are right for your business or home.