Springtime HVAC Maintenance in Fort Worth

When the temperatures rise in Fort Worth, so do your electric bills. That is usually because you’re cranking up the AC for the first time in a few months. Plus springtime is often the time that AC units sputter to get up and running again after months of inactivity. Planned maintenance can help and a vital part of your maintenance plan is an inspection during the spring and fall to make sure you’re ready for the busy months. Other critical steps throughout the year include:


Spring cleaning isn’t just for inside the house, it’s great for an AC unit too! Cleaning is an important part of HVAC maintenance and includes tasks like changing air filters, cleaning out drain lines, cleaning evaporator coils, and ensuring there aren’t any tears in the ductwork which allows dust in and air out. While you can do these things yourself, sometimes it’s helpful to have a professional inspect your unit. The goal here is the same as it is for your roof; to catch small issues before they become big issues.


The ideal time for an AC tune-up is before the summer when usage really accelerates. While cleaning is part of an AC Tune Up, the services go beyond just cleaning. Ideal Partners can inspect electrical connections, refrigerant levels, and other key components to keep your HVAC system running at peak efficiency. This will help reduce power consumption and extend the life of your system.

Most Common Repairs

Some of the most common problems for residential and commercial customers are duct tears, leaks, wiring issues, and problems with evaporator coils. These problems can add up or cause further damage and expenses.

There are many benefits to a seasonal HVAC inspection from Ideal Partners including the difference in cost between a major repair and a minor repair. Call Ideal for an inspection and free quote today.