Preventing Break-Ins with Breakthrough Technology

Your home probably doesn’t have James Bond laser-rooms guarding the front door, but there are some new and exciting technologies that are making their ways to homes everywhere. These are new innovations in home security that can take the paranoia out of keeping your home safe.

Smart Home Appliances

There are more and more devices for sale every year that increase the number of features you can control from a smartphone. Some of these new devices include electronic doorbells that allow you to answer the front door from anywhere. Other devices include floodlights, locks and lights. Ideal Partners can install a security system in your home that is compatible with all your smart devices, giving you maximum control over your home.

Remote Access Smart Cameras

Ideal Partners is working with brilliant companies like Eagle Eye Networks to integrate existing security camera systems with Eagle Eye’s robust systems that have smart video search. With technology like this, you can search for a key phrase like “man in blue jacket” and the system will find all subjects that fit that description from the video feed. Technology like this is leading the way in home security.

Electronic Locks

Another innovation that is taking hold is electronic locks. These locks may as well turn your home into a safe because they are next to impossible to pick. These locks can be unlocked with an electronic signal from a key fob, your phone or sometimes a key code.

Whether you’re looking to install an all-new security system or upgrade your existing one with some of the latest home security innovations, contact Ideal Partners for a free estimate and to learn how they can help keep your home as safe as possible.