Where do Mosquitos Go During the Day?

If you live near the Gulf Coast or in the American South, you know just how bad the mosquitoes get in the evenings, but what about during the day? Every evening, if we’re grilling out back or just hanging out with friends, we know to light the citronella candles, set the fans on, and to wear bug spray, but why don’t they bother us during the middle of the day?

Mosquitoes are very temperamental insects. As temperatures drop in the fall, the bugs will stop flying if the temperature dips below 50 degrees, and most of them die off or go into hibernation for the long winter months. As temperatures rise, mosquito eggs that were laid in the Fall hatch and we see massive swarms of insects all around. The 80–90-degree range is the sweet spot for mosquitoes when they’re the most active.

But when the temperature gets higher than that, mosquitoes generally avoid flying around. They find the heat too dry for them, and they will typically seek shade, water, and humidity wherever they can find it. When the temperatures go back down during the evenings, they begin to fly again.

That explains why you generally don’t feel bugged by mosquitoes during the day but need to be prepared for the evenings. Some of the best treatments for your patio and yard are fogger sprays, that keep the mosquitoes at bay even during the peak hours of the day. Let the experts at Ideal protect your patio this summer by contacting us and getting a free estimate today.