Better Security with Brivo

Ideal Partners strives to deliver the highest level of security for homes and businesses. This means offering our customers the “ideal partner” for every aspect of our business. We’d like to introduce you today to one of these partners: Brivo, the pioneer in cloud-based access control. Brivo’s easy to use service can utilize your existing security hardware and bring everything online through its mobile platform. Brivo specializes in bringing control to top-notch security systems through your smartphone in an easy-to-use interface. Here are some of the services Ideal Partners and Brivo can deliver to our customers.

Access Control

Security starts with determining who can enter your building and being able to control where they can go. Brivo’s mobile pass replaces older and less secure forms of access control like keys and physical identification cards. With the tap of a button, a businessowner can alter access rights for any of the users, including groups of users like visitors. This eliminates the need for rekeying and purchasing new ID’s every time one gets lost or someone is added to your team.

Video Surveillance

Brivo’s video surveillance service works in conjunction with your video cameras that are already installed, removing the need for new cameras. These cameras interact with Brivo’s remote access, allowing a businessowner 24/7 access to live CCTV video feed.

Brivo also takes the manual labor out of surveillance with its Camio integration for smart monitoring. Integration with Camio’s software allows Brivo to actively identify individuals tailgating an authorized user without showing identification themselves along with other smart-surveillance features. Tailgating is when an employee with security access opens a secure-access door, and either holds the door open for another person or someone following closely behind enters the door before it closes. Like tailgating in a car, tailgating in security can be dangerous and solved with better guardrails to prevent compromised security.

Mobile Management

Bringing security into the 21st century means embracing wireless technology. With Brivo’s Mobile Pass, users can open doors without needing a key, passcode, or ID card. This cuts down on costs such as rekeying manual locks and allows a businessowner to unlock doors for an emergency from anywhere. The mobile element also allows businessowners to change access rights, monitor multiple sensors, and gives the maximum amount of control over the business’s safety from anywhere.

Modern security means eliminating risks that we used to take for granted because they were necessary. Physical keys that can be stolen or lost and camera wires that can be cut are security elements that used to be necessary risks but aren’t necessary now with Brivo. Contact Ideal Partners to learn how upgrading your security system with Brivo can eliminate threats and pack the power of security into the size of your smartphone.