Bitter Cold Temps Coming Soon. Make Sure Your House is Ready and Warm for the Holidays

Bitter cold temperatures are forecast for Ft Worth and surrounding areas in upcoming days. Keeping warm is one of the most important aspects of the cozy holiday atmosphere. Here are some tips from Ideal Partners to help you make sure your home is comfortable and welcoming for the holiday season.

Tip 1: Make sure to change out the furnace filter. If your furnace filter is dirty, it can severely hamper the efficiency of your heating unit. If your home is cold, it could be that you have a perfectly fine furnace unit, but it is just not able to get that heat to your vents due to this blockage. Here are some instructions to change the filter yourself, or you can give Ideal Partners a call to change it out and make sure your furnace is in working order this winter.

Tip 2: Reverse your ceiling fans. The Energy Star program recommends utilizing the reverse setting on your ceiling fans at a low speed to draw heat that has risen to the ceiling down into the living space below. By keeping the heat from dissipating so quickly into the ceiling and walls, your home will stay warmer and be more energy efficient.

Tip 3: Seal up animal doors and mail slots. Sealing up places that are designed to be accessible from the outside will help prevent small drafts from coming into your home. Using a blanket or a cover designed for the purpose, simply cover up the entry points to prevent cold air from leaking into your home.

Tip 4: Call professionals to inspect your heating system. There’s no replacement for the expertise of an HVAC professional. If you’re worried about your heating system being ready to handle the cold north Texas winter, call Ideal Partners for a free estimate for repairs or a new unit. Ideal Partners can also inspect your current system to see what improvements can be made.