What Should I Do? Termite Swarms!

Springtime in Texas can mean a few things: the flowers are going to bloom, you can wear short sleeves again and termites are sure to be on the move. Springtime is also the time when termite hives produce swarmers, adults that fly out from the nest and repopulate the colony. Termite swarmers aren’t very good flyers, so if you see them around, it likely means there is an infestation in a nearby tree or potentially in your home. The best way to keep these pests out of your home is to treat your home regularly, as you likely won’t notice an active infestation until significant damage has been done to your home’s interior and framework.

What to Do

If you’re seeing termite swarms outdoors, that’s okay. Termites are pretty common around North Texas and Fort Worth, so it doesn’t necessarily spell disaster. Inspect your home for termites by looking for swarmers inside your home. You can also look for wings and dirt in odd places indoors, like on doorjambs or the walls. If you’re seeing any of these signs, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with an active infestation and should seek a termite inspection and termite treatment from professional exterminators, like the experts at Ideal Partners, immediately.

Other tips include keeping outside lights off at night, removing untreated wood like firewood from around the house, and eliminating areas where standing water persists near the house to keep a swarm from being attracted to your home. Of course, nothing works as well as a professional termite treatment done on a regular basis.

Ideal Partners specializes in the extermination of termites in the home and in treatments that keep termites from moving in to begin with. If you’re noticing some of the early signs of infestation, don’t wait for more damage to be done. If you sign up for termite treatment with Ideal Partners, we offer treatment warranties starting at $199 annually and full damage warranties starting at $299 annually. Contact Ideal Partners to receive a free quote for termite treatment and termite inspection.