Your Home Insurance May Not Cover Termite Damage!

Did you know that your home insurance policy may not cover termite damage? In fact, most homeowner’s policies do not typically cover the damage done by these obnoxious little creatures which could mean some costly repair bills to exterminate and repair your home.

A termite protection plan (also known as a termite warranty) could be the answer. A termite protection plan involves periodic treatments from a termite specialist who inspects and treats your home every six months or once a year.

You may have heard about termite warranties when purchasing a home or looking into termite treatment. Simply put, a termite warranty is an agreement between a pest control provider and a homeowner that typically states that if a home suffers a termite infestation while being treated by the pest control provider, the pest control provider will eliminate the infestation and pay for home repairs that may be necessary. It’s like insurance from termite damage.

If you live in Texas, you probably know just how much damage termites can do, but did you know that Americans spend over two billion dollars every year repairing damage done by termites, according to the EPA? Did you also know that the average cost of termite damage to a homeowner is $3,000 and that costs can sometimes exceed tens of thousands of dollars? If you’re worried about becoming part of that statistic, explore the Ideal Partners website to see our protection options. Ideal Partners’ treatment warranties start at $199 annually and full damage warranties start at $299 annually, which is a great deal for peace of mind.

Another important reason to keep an up-to-date termite protection plan in place is the consistent protection and peace of mind that it can provide. Contracting for and maintaining your termite warranty assures that you have one less thing to worry about now and in the future. So if your home isn’t protected from termites, or if you’re worried that your current plan isn’t protecting your house enough, give our professionals at Ideal Partners a call today for a free estimate.