Spring Time Means It’s Pest Time

Spring means sunshine and warmer weather. It’s a time when everybody comes out to play, including a whole calvary of dreaded Texas pests. Here’s a list of some of the most prevalent spring pests and tips on how you can help prevent your home from becoming their home.

  1. Cockroaches:
    • In a word, clean. Clean your kitchen, take out your trash daily, and make sure that outside dumpsters are not too close to your house. Wash your dishes often. Keep your food in sealed containers. Clean up crumbs and spills. Clean.
    • Look for and seal cracks and crevices in doors, windows, and foundations. Little critters consider these openings as welcome mats into your home.
    • Clear out the clutter, especially in attics, garages, and storerooms. This includes old books, magazines, clothing, newspapers, cardboard boxes, etc. Throw away anything that you have been meaning to throw away or donate.
  2. Termites:
    • Avoid stacks of lumber, mulch, and cardboard close to the foundation of your house. That’s all-yummy food for termites.
    • Use termite-proof paint or stain for your wooden fence.
    • Keep moisture away from your house. Check for any plumbing leaks and make sure all sprinkler heads are facing away from your home. Seal gaps around water and gas lines.
    • Clear out the clutter.
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  3. Ants:
    • Seal Gaps and Cracks
    • Remove Food sources
    • Clean counters and mop floors with 50/50 vinegar and water solution.
  4. Fleas & Ticks:
    • Make sure to keep the bedding for your furry pets clean and be sure to keep them up to date on their shots and flea and tick medication.
    • Wear long-sleeve shirts and spray yourself with pest and bug spray if venturing into wooded areas. These little guys are hitchhikers and would love more than a ride to your home.
    • Check your luggage before and after you travel to avoid unwanted pests.
    • Learn more about ticks and steps to take if you find a tick here.

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