Protect Your Home From Uninvited Guests & Pests This Holiday Season

Protect Your Home From The Uninvited Guests: Package Pirates, Petty Thieves & Pests

We know Aunt Bertha can be, well you know … but, if there is anything that Covid taught us, it’s to appreciate our loved ones and open our doors to family and friends this season. As we all look forward to gathering, be sure there aren’t any uninvited guests dropping by your porch, on your table or in your home. With a few simple proactive measures, you can protect your home this holiday season from uninvited guests and pests. Send a message to the package pirates, petty thieves, and pests that they are not invited! Let’s enjoy what matters most this holiday season … spending time with the ones you love!

Uninvited Guest: Package Pirates

How To Protect Your Packages From Being Stolen From Your Porch

From Cyber Monday deals, COVID, and the allure of free shipping – there are a lot of reasons to do your holiday shopping online. But, there is no point in shopping if your gifts can’t be wrapped up and put under the Christmas Tree because it was stolen by a package pirate. Yes, package thefts are on the rise but they are preventable. Use these few tips to protect your home this holiday season.

1. Home Security Devices:
Security cameras, smart lights, video doorbells, and home security systems are the most effective way to visually set a boundary to uninvited guests. Communicate that you are on guard and are watching. Our expert security professionals can help customize a system that fits your needs to protect your home this holiday season and beyond.

2. Package Visibility:
Take steps to make sure your packages aren’t sitting out in the open for too long.

  • Have packages delivered to your office
  • Sign up for delivery notifications and you could have a neighbor bring in your delivery or run by the house on a lunch break to bring packages inside.
  • Work with delivery companies to set up instructions for delivery to a less visible location on your property.
  • Request Signatures At Delivery

Uninvited Guest: Petty Thieves

Tips to Deter The Uninvited Thief From Entering Your Home

With just a few simple steps you can take action to protect your home this holiday season. Make sure that the message that you are sending out isn’t an enticing invitation to thieves.

1. Extend some Seasonal Cheer to Your Neighbors
So, we all know that neighbors who know one another look out for each other and this makes the whole community safer and stronger. But, sometimes the busyness of life can get away from meeting our new neighbors. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet your new neighbor, the holidays are a perfect excuse to do so. Introduce yourself by bringing them a plate of cookies.

2. Protect Your Home While You Are Away
Whether you’re going to be across town or across the globe during the Holiday Season, make it appear as if your house is occupied. People frequently go on vacation or visit relatives during the holidays, and thieves know it.

  • Use Smart Lighting to Change Up your Lighting Remotely
  • Leave a Car in the Driveway
  • Have A Neighbor Bring in your Mail
  • Pause Newspaper Delivery While You Are Away
  • Install a Smart Security System: You can arm and disarm your security system, switch light on and off and even view your security cameras remotely. Real-time security alerts can alsp  be enabled to send to you mobile device. 

3. Be Aware of Leaving An Unintentional Invitation
Sometimes we don’t realize that we are sending an unintentional invitation to petty thieves to our home. Use these few tips to make sure they aren’t interested in making a visit to your home.

  • If Santa is Good to You This Year, Keep it Under Wraps: Wrapped packages on full display under the tree might be all-too-alluring to an opportunistic thief. Similarly, empty boxes for big-ticket items left out on the curb are tip-offs that breaking into your home could be well worth it. Don’t flaunt gifts where they can easily be seen from outside, and break down boxes before you throw them away.
  • Don’t Overshare on Social Media: You never really know who looks at your social media posts, and who they share it with. While it is tempting to post pictures of yourself on a Caribbean Island or show off the fabulous gift that your family gave you, it can also set you up as a target. People with bad intentions can use social media clues to plan their next heist and you certainly don’t want it to occur at your home!

Uninvited Guest: Pests

Tips To Protect Your Home From Uninvited Pests

Mice and other critters love to stir during the holiday season! Dropping temperatures and the aroma of your holiday cooking makes your home the perfect holiday getaway. Here are a few tips to protect your home to make sure that these uninvited pests don’t unexpectedly welcome themselves to your holiday party and end up under Aunt Bertha’s wig or on the dining room table.

1. Eliminate Food Sources

  • Clean all surfaces of crumbs and food residue.
  • Store pet food in rodent-proof containers.
  • Cover trash bins to Keep Rodents Out.

2. Seal Entry Points Outside Your Home

  • Seal and patch any hole larger than 1/4”.
  • Check windows, foundation, pipes, roof and chimneys for cracks and holes.
  • Check plumbing and electrical openings and vents and floor drains.
  • Screen vents to chimneys.

3. Schedule a Preventative Service Call with one of our Professional Service Technicians

Send the message to the package pirates, petty thieves and pests that they didn’t make the party list this year! We will partner with you to ensure that your holiday season comes with ribbons, tags, packages, boxes, and bags and the people you love.

Contact us, the ideal partner, this holiday season for a turn-key solution to setting boundaries for those uninvited guests. We’ll use our years of experience to help you find the best home solution to help you protect your property, your packages, and your family this holiday season.

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