DIY Pest Control Gone Wrong

Everybody likes to save money and we certainly salute those who are able to do a job themselves and save some money in the process. But sometimes, things don’t turn out like you plan and a money saving venture can turn out to be costly and dangerous. Greg Miller has seen what can happen first-hand numerous times. He’s a Certified Entomologist and the Technical Director at Ideal Partners. He shared two of the many stories he has witnessed of situations when DYI efforts went awry.

The first involved a wasp nest. Paper wasps are the most common wasps in Texas. Miller said he once had a call to remove a wasp nest from under a customer’s shed. After inspecting the site, he quoted the customer $75 for removal.

“The individual opted out of the service and said he could do it himself,” Miller explained. “Not five minutes after arriving back to the office, I got a phone call from the individual asking me to please come back. When I arrived back, the individual answered the door and it was obvious he had been stung numerous times all over, especially on his face.

“After completing service, the individual thanked me, told me that it was well worth the money, and assured me that he would be using Ideal Partners for any future pest need.”

Miller told another story about a termite job that the customer felt was too expensive after receiving his quote. Termites are a very common household problem, and about 13 percent of homeowners in America deal with termite issues, according to a study conducted by a national pest control company.

According to Miller, the customer decided to rent the equipment and take care of the problem on his own which did not end too well either.

“A week later, I received a call asking if I would come out and treat the termites. The customer had rented a big drill and hit his main water line. They then had to pay for a plumber to fix the mistake, which was costly, so they decided that expert equipment and treatment was necessary,” Miller said.

Moral of the story: Let the pros at Ideal Partners handle your pest control needs.