How to Prepare For a Texas Winter Storm During the HVAC Equipment Shortage

Why Is There An HVAC Equipment Shortage & How It Could Affect You this Winter 

In Fort Worth, we know that the happiness and comfort of our families are directly related to how well our heating and cooling systems are working. What you may not know is that while we were experiencing the Great Texas Winter Storm of 2021, another storm was brewing. The HVAC Equipment Shortage of 2021, and it could impact your family this holiday season. 

The Perfect Storm = Covid + Labor + Manufacturing +Transportation 

This was truly a story of the perfect storm of unfortunate events. At the heels of the COVID pandemic, employers scaled back or shut down factories to protect employees and slow the spread of the virus. This decision, as noble as it was, was where problems took root. A large decline in the labor force of the manufacturing and transportation sectors resulted.

The Texas Winter Storm: How It Contributed to the HVAC Equipment Shortage

These labor shortages in the production of raw materials created additional shortages in HVAC component manufacturing. As the availability of copper, aluminum, and steel slowed, so did the production of motors, compressors, and ductwork. Even our Texas Winter Storm contributed to the cycle of decreased production and transportation of these raw materials.

National and Global HVAC Equipment & Supply Chain Delays

Across the pond, the global semiconductor industry production slowed. This crippled other areas of production. From the trucks that transport goods to much-needed microchips used in high-efficiency heating and air systems, the supply chain was hit from all sides. Overseas and state shipping shortages also contributed to the mix. Then, other untimely issues like the fires in California and the blockage of the Suez Canal compounded the heavy strain on transportation and the supply chain.

The Housing Boom

Finally, a decrease in interest rates and …  the housing boom arrives. This brought an increase in construction, driving the demand and consumption of already pressed HVAC parts and equipment supplies. 

Delay in HVAC Equipment Maintenance

With many of us hesitant to break the 6-foot Covid veil, we contributed to another element of this storm. We were reluctant to invite the service industry into our homes. Especially for something that was not required or “needed.” Concern is running high that homeowner maintenance (especially HVAC) may have been delayed or ignored during the past year. As we face the prospect of another cold winter, the lack of proper maintenance is predicted to make the current shortage of raw and manufactured materials even worse. 

The Current Situation 

This cycle of shortage is still dramatically impacting the global HVAC supply chain. There is a dire need for more employees on distribution lines. Trucking companies are strapped and struggling to deliver limited supplies. And so, the story of shortage continues. As our nation continues to grapple with the why’s of covid, the global supply chain, and equipment shortages, we believe that there is hope! 

There is Some Good News in 2021

The good news is that, with a little bit of planning, you do not have to be a victim of this shortage storm. We are encouraging our customers to be proactive in their preparation for this Winter Season. It’s been an unprecedented year, and we certainly don’t want it to be on repeat! The time to have your heating system serviced is now! Whether you do it yourself or hire trained professionals to do it for you. Just get it knocked off the to-do list early this winter! 

HVAC Preparation Tips for A Texas Winter Storm

With the HVAC Equipment Shortage, it is more important than ever to prepare and maintain your equipment for the winter. There are a few things you can do to keep your family safe and warm in the coming months.

Change your air filter monthly.

  • To help avoid a more significant repair involving equipment that is in short supply. It will also keep your unit running better and reduce operating expenses. 

Keep the unit clean.

  • Clean around the system’s coils and make sure the parts are free of dust or debris. Keep an eye on the system’s exterior and interior components.

Get complete maintenance on your HVAC system. 

  • This tune-up can help catch minor problems before they become catastrophic failures that require new equipment, replacements, or add-ons that might be harder to come by.

Consider a Planned Maintenance Contract with Ideal Partners.

  • The benefits of these agreements can save you money, time and extend the life of your equipment. If back-ordered parts are required, you will be in the front line when the replacement parts come in. If we have replaced your unit, we’ll be sure to check your HVAC warranty to see if any parts or repairs are covered.

So, when the mercury drops and winter arrives on your doorstep, make sure your family isn’t in the cold. Hopefully, we won’t see the Texas Arctic Storm of 2022. But just in case, PARTNER with the IDEAL Partner to protect what matters most this Winter Season, your family.

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